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[S6E10] The End Of Everything [REPACK]

Bjorn's demise had to happen sooner or later, but I figured it would occur further down the line. Ten episodes remain on Vikings Season 6, so it's difficult to imagine how everything is going to shake out.

[S6E10] The End of Everything

I am so done with everything Littlefinger in the show. Did we really need to have him carry over into another season? It feels like the show outpaced itself again, and needs to set up a forced* personal conflict between Sansa and Jon to fill air space until Littlefinger can be sent packing in dramatic fashion in Season 7.

Ian McShane was right. GoT is a tits and dragons show and there is no need to over think it. That being said I loved everything about that opening (except Lancel following that Little Bird for no reason. He was like a dog getting distracted by a squirrel) from the score to the custom design to the way Sapochnik built suspense it was put together like an operatic horror film.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Power showrunner Courtney Kemp said: "Coming out of Episode 9, I think Tommy is pretty pissed off after Benny [Domenick Lombardozzi] was sent to kill him. And he's lost pretty much everything, so I think you will see the lengths to which he'll go to resolve certain issues."

Now we see Ramsay looking genuinely hurt at her death, as he says she was the only person who was never afraid of him. Ian Rheon is such an incredible actor that you almost forget everything Ramsay has done.

In this podcast episode, I cover the different types of salts, why salt can turn your food colors, and how the coarseness of the salt effects overall taste. I also share my favorite salt I literally use on everything. As this season comes to a close, this is a great time to talk about this wonderful ingredient that ties everything together.

But her super-annihilating powers could not control everything. Sending Ser Gregor to prevent her son, King Tommen, from attending Loras' trial, and therefore saving him from being blasted into tiny particles, backfired.

Is it corny to link this with that other Cersei-related damage done to a young boy (Bran Stark) falling out a window? Maybe, but, as we draw closer to the end of Game of Thrones, everything, and everyone, is linking up eventually.

Gene moves onto phase two, bringing some Cinnabon to Frank and Nick. We then see that the delivered crate had Jeff inside of it. He climbs out with his bag in tow after getting the go-ahead from Gene. Jeff races through the department store as planned, grabbing everything in sight.

When Rory calls Paris to announce her return to Yale with a drumroll, the harsh response is everything I wanted it to be: "You really had to drum roll that? Of course you're coming back. What are you going to do without a college degree? Drive a forklift?" What I like most about Paris is that you always know where you stand with her. If she's not impressed, girlfriend ?? will ?? not ?? fake ?? it.

Just before they are about to head out, Jax has something to say. Something he wants everyone to hear. He tells them about his conversation with Lowen, and everything that was uncovered because of it.

Tara tells her that Jax knows everything and asks her if she knows what that means. She tells her that now the paperwork can be thrown out and that Gemma will get custody of the children when she goes to jail.

Wendy flat out tells her that everything they did was wrong. Wendy tells her that she needs to come clean to Jax and Gemma. Tara tells her that there is no need, and that they already know the truth. Wendy tells her that she needs to tell them about her pain and her truth.

Gemma and Nero get Wendy off of the couch. When she asks where they are going, Gemma tells her that they are going home. Is Gemma starting to let Wendy back in again in light of everything that is going on with Tara?

Jax finally catches up to Tara outside. She pulls the gun out of the bag. She tells him to look at what he did to her. What he did to her? She is not exactly innocent in all of this. She is the one who faked the pregnancy, the miscarriage, the set up, and everything else, and she wants to know what he did to her?

And in stories like this where pain and loss and seemingly inevitable doom can make everything feel meaningless, love is what gives our heroes the power to keep going. Love is what motivates them to keep fighting for this elusive better world.

And the result of seeing them recognize and fight for that, and by extension for their own happiness, is honestly invigorating the narrative and the viewing experience in such a drastic way. It makes everything feel like it matters that much more, because the stakes are suddenly hyper-personal, and it matters to the characters what happens.

Clarke was worried that she was an unforgivable monster, but Bellamy not only forgave her, he put her above everything and everyone else, burning the world down to save her. He cares about her so much that life without her is meaningless.

As if Deran's character hasn't seen enough trouble over Animal Kingdom's six seasons, "Clink" reminds viewers that there is one threat to his character that could uproot everything. After a break-in at his bar, Deran accuses Tommy, who proves his loyalty to the Codys once again and talks Deran off the ledge. Tommy draws the comparison between Pope's admission to killing Catherine to Adrian's absence. Unlike Pope, Deran was unable to kill Adrian when he was ordered to and is now being punished in his own way. Adrian has been missing from Animal Kingdom following his departure in the season 4 finale, where he was forced to flee the country. In revitalizing Adrian's memory, Deran may begin to seriously contemplate Craig's own dilemma for himself, and finally leave the country to join Adrian. 041b061a72

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