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Perky Little Things Free Offline =LINK=

while i was working on the surface pro 6, i got to spend some time with the original surface pro. i'm sorry to say it's a little inferior to the pro 6. the screen isn't much bigger, the performance is lower (at least on this particular model), and it's a little thinner. it's fine for basic use though, and an excellent 2-in-1 for travel, especially now that it has pen support. in fact, for some people who travel a fair amount, this is a great choice.

Perky Little Things free offline

every new version of android comes with a new version of the android things software. android things is a stripped-down, vendor-neutral version of android to underpin appliances. google's goal is for the ecosystem around these devices, running on what they call "android things", to be streamlined. the new software is built to be used in the company's new robotics kits. for example, google recently acquired the startup magenta, which originally created the tin fu robot, an adorable little robot designed to teach kids. google's acquisition of the company was done specifically to ensure tin fu would still be compatible with android things.

with an android things device, you can install apps from the google play store and use android pay to pay for products and services that work with android pay. as smartphones and tablets evolve, so do android apps and features, and there are lots of free apps and features that can dramatically improve your life.

so, now you can find some normal, simple, boring, and generally uninteresting things to build in your sims. i just feel like the developers want us to forget what we already learned, and are making everything too easy. i'm a master of all disciplines! i don't need no stinking easy-mode anything! it's fine that everything has been simplified. you can just sit back and enjoy it, that's what i've always done.

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