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The Pros and Cons of the RND Portico 5043 Compressor Plugin and How to Get It Legally

although it's fairly standard, the attack and release times are the most important aspects of a compressor's rate control. the attack time determines the instant at which the compressor starts to control the signal. the release time determines the instant at which the gain reduction terminates.

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both the attack and release time can be set to a fixed value, in which case the compressor operates continuously from the instant that the attack control is activated until the release threshold is reached, and then the compressor shuts off. alternatively, the attack time can be controlled by a control that is an analogue of the input signal level. this is known as an input signal automation, and the result is generally a more natural sounding compressor. finally, the release time can be controlled in a similar way.

the threshold level is the level at which the compressor starts to reduce the gain of the signal. the higher the threshold level, the greater the gain reduction that will be applied. an alternative to a fixed threshold is an input signal control.

the low cut knob can be set to discrete (0db) or continuous (12db) operation, which works with the low-pass filter (lpf) to reduce low frequencies, thereby increasing sustain and attack. in the discrete position, the lpf only affects frequencies less than 100hz, while in the continuous position, the lpf extends to 120hz. a +/- 15db attenuator is included to enable users to set their own crossover point. a low cut button provides manual control. in addition to these controls, the serial port can be used to change the granularity of the low-pass filter and the crossover point. the send volume control controls the volume of the signal processed by the compressor. the rate control allows the user to specify the compression ratio. it affects the gain of the compressor. the attack control allows the user to set a more precise attack time or deactivate the compressor entirely. the decay control allows for setting the time constant for the exponential decay when the compressor is activated.

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