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[S4E12] Full Circle

Over the klaxons, an Imperial announces that "there is a safety hazard zone in standing 25 meters from the Temple. Special teams are exempt, and look out for static charge." Minister Hydan orders that the Mining Guild excavation driller be moved into position and that everyone work on double shifts through the night. He orders the troops and workers to keep silent and to stay within their designated areas. He also orders that the floodlights be shone on a mural of the Mortis gods. Sabine is awed by the art. Ezra hasn't seen it before but says the Temple is full of surprises. A Mining Guild official tells Lord Hydan that they have discovered more symbols.

[S4E12] Full Circle

Ezra follows the loth-wolves inside the cave. He finds that the wolves are forming a circle on the rock. Ezra takes off his scout trooper helmet and realizes that the circle is the Gateway. Minister Hydan is inspecting an artifact brought by a Rodian miner when a disguised Sabine arrives flanked by two stormtroopers. Minister Hydan approaches her and the stormtroopers report they are bringing her for processing because of discrepancies. Hydan remarks that there is indeed a discrepancy and lifts the face plate of Sabine's helmet. Hydan asks who she is and where is her friend.

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Do you think Quentin will have to kill Julia and/or Eliot in order to slay the Monster(s)? Will Margo successfully revert Fish Josh back to Human Josh? Will Kady take the cure? Join me next week as I recap The Magicians Season 4 finale, here on Geek Girl Authority.

One eagle-eyed fan pointed out that this was set up ages ago, when Michael (Ted Danson) gave his opinion about which 'Friends' character would be most likely to get into The Good Place, tweeting "The way that they have Lisa Kudrow on friends and Michael said the only friend that didn't deserve to be in the bad place was Phoebe... we love seeing things come full circle."

This culminated in the near-universally despised series finale, where Dexter's sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) dies in woefully unsatisfying fashion, and Dex ends up faking his own death, hiding out in Argentina as a grizzled lumberjack. Right.

George is suturing up Jennifer's scalp in the ER as Bailey checks on Izzie. She wonders why they're doing a spinal tap on an ankle fracture. Izzie says she's doing a full work-up. Bailey asks how many points and asks her to tell her that she's not putting the man through painful and unnecessary tests just to win the contest. Izzie lists some tests, symptoms and possible diagnoses that justify her actions. She does want to win the contest, but she also wants to make sure that she's not missing anything that will only be discovered when it's too late. Bailey tells her to carry on. Izzie takes off and George walks up to her. He says when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. She says exactly.

Meredith is checking up on Phillip. She asks if the illegible handwriting and squinting at paperwork is normal for him. Phillip says he never was a straight A student. Jennifer is sitting with him and says they both need rest. Meredith wants one final test. She place her fingers behind his head and moves them towards herself, asking him to tell her when he can see her fingers. He says it way too late to be normal and she cheerfully screams it's a tumor. She apologizes.

Ren Jones (16:37):Sucker bets like that. Or you can do a sucker jar full of $20 bills and tell your staff that your assistant and anybody, if they see you other outside of a bathroom break, if they see you away from lead gen between those hours, they can feel free to reach in and take out a 20 anytime.

At Coffee & Bakery, bored, Amy asks the most embarrassing way people hurt themselves. Cheyenne bit a quarter, thinking it was candy, Jonah collapsed at the end of a marathon and Isaac caught his penis in a friend's zipper. Everyone is grossed out as Marcus' story reveals that he poops in the shower. With only two choices of videos to watch, Garrett can't get the staff or a customer to agree on which one to pick. Ashley rides a scooter around in circles. For fun, Sandra puts makeup on Jerry and they laugh until Carol arrives and insults Jerry and his sister. Elias tries to play guitar and Heather bounces on a mini-trampoline. Really bored, nerves get frayed and several staff critisize Jonah's mannerisms. Amy attacks Mateo's elitism and as Glenn tries to calm everyone down, Mateo and Amy continue to exchange barbs.

As Beth wanders through the forest, walkers appear and she is forced to hide. She successfully tricks the walkers by tossing a stone into some nearby brush, distracting them. Daryl then arrives and leads her back to the camp, which angers her.

Beth then convinces Daryl to play the "I Never" game, during which Daryl becomes intoxicated. Beth then says that she has never been to jail, implying that Daryl had. He then becomes furious and begins urinating on one of the walls. He then forcefully takes Beth outside to where a walker has been attracted to the house to teach her how to use his crossbow. He shoots the walker in the chest, pinning it to a tree, and tries to force Beth to kill it with his crossbow. She refuses and instead stabs it in the head with her knife. They then begin arguing, during which Daryl yells at Beth for being lost on the road and only wanting to have a drink like a "dumb college girl", and Beth demands that Daryl stop pretending not to care about anyone.

After Ango took the trio to Lucy, she let them in her alternate world using her ability. Within that world, Mushitaro revealed the Five Deadly Omens' goal and how they planned to use the reality-altering page to annihilate the country. Upon hearing The Five Deadly Omens' goal, Atsushi and Kyoka were glad they had time until the next full moon to rescue the Armed Detective Agency. 041b061a72

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