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Drone Shadow Strike 3: A First-Person Shooter with a Twist

Soar the skies and unleash hellfire on your enemies! As a seasoned drone pilot, you are the silent assassin, tasked with taking down key targets and securing the safety of your troops on the ground. With advanced military technology and a full arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you are the last line of defense against the enemy.

drone shadow strike 3

Drone : Shadow Strike 3 apk Real simulation flight shooting game, you will become a drone driver, maneuver drones on the battlefield to complete a variety of dangerous missions, and also be able to unlock more by fighting Different weapon accessories strengthen the firepower of the drone. Collect all kinds of spoils into your collection, and use the most advanced weapons and equipment to destroy the enemy's forces. - apkAward.Com

Graphically, its a great looking game. Most of the action is seen through a FLIR (Forward looking Infrared) camera. This gives the game a very military authentic look. Menus are a bit more colorful an lively but overall, they did a great job here with the UI and making things look like you are actually in control of a sophisticated military drone.

From the first experience of the game, players will have access to extremely modern drones. Most of these aircraft are used to spy, locate, and destroy targets at a long distance depending on the specific campaign. Your job in Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is quite simple. That is to control the drones through the control screen to complete the assigned tasks.

Drone: Shadow Strike is a new death-from-above drone strike simulator for the iPhone and iPad. You play as a drone (or a drone operator, rather) and your goal is to use your various weapons to pick off enemies and avoid getting hit yourself while completing a series of missions in a simulated version of a terrorist camp. Read on for some tips and tricks for Drone: Shadow Strike!

Drone Shadow Strike 3 provides the most intense free drone recognition simulation on mobile devices. Drop in, arm yourself, sniper and compete. Help the ground troops that remain to survive with shadow attacks.

A suspected U.S. missile strike killed three people on Saturday in a northwest Pakistani tribal region where militants focused on fighting the West in Afghanistan are concentrated, two Pakistani intelligence officials said.

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The strike was apparently the latest in a lengthy campaign of such attacks by the U.S., which rarely discusses the covert programme but has in the past said it has taken out several top al-Qaeda operatives. Pakistan publicly opposes the strikes but is believed to secretly aid them.

U.S. missile strikes in North Waziristan are sensitive largely because Pakistan has a truce with Bahadur. He agreed to stay on the sidelines as the Pakistani Army has waged an offensive in South Waziristan against the Pakistani Taliban, a group that has focused on attacking the Pakistani state.

Missile strikes on his territory could endanger that deal, analysts have said. However, in the past the U.S. has indicated it will not hesitate to launch the drone-fired missiles if it tracks down an important target.

In January 2015, a CIA drone killed an Italian aid worker named Giovanni Lo Porto during a strike on an Al Qaeda compound in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region. In July 2016, the Obama Administration reached a settlement agreement with Lo Porto's family that included a payment by the United States of more than one million euros.

It has begun - I started sending up the superstructure of K.G.02. and first time in 200h of playtime i return to the Mun. Muns low gravity aswel as the low orbit speed makes me do quite a lot of maneuver node errors. How ever, it is nice that all errors can be corrected with a few burst of RCS thrusters. I Thought I had finished putting up the super structure, but alas.. I found out on the last inspection that the Kraken haunting the VAB had decided to strike me... More on that at the end of the update.Mission Goals:A. Get the 5 parts of the superstructure into orbit around the Mun - SuccessB. Assemble the station. - SuccessC. Inspect for unsuspected construction bugs - Failure.Lessons Learned; Lessons Identified:A. I had a "fun" realization. I was setting up the rendezvous orbits the way I would around Kerbin. The fact a orbit took the time it took for the parts to run though orbits to line up made me send up multiple stages at the same time - I could handle 2 stages in rendezvous orbits and K.G.02 needing to be rendezvous with as seen here:Multiple stages in Rendezvous with first stage of K.G.02 - The blue square.In one of the rendezvous, when i finaly lined up and checked my speeds I realized there was only 10 m/s difference between stage and target speed... So i quickly found out I could save some time by just using main engine to burn. - A lot less effective, but requiring a lot less patient. The mun is very forgiving with speed margines... Guess I should have known.B. This will pretty much just be a slide show of the setup of the station:First part leaving LKO towards the Mun - you may notice the error that has caused a minor setback on the image. One of the medium docking ports is assembled at an angle.Stage released - The 2nd stage would then proceed to be parked in a Kerbol Orbit - similar to the 3rd stages of the apollo missions.Second module going into LKO - the main living module for passengers and crew passing through the station. Waving the First stage good bye on its way back to KSCRendezvous with K.G.02 first module.Next was the more cumbersome structure for the Hydrogen fuel assembly and solar panels. - I do like the colour scheme though.Enroute to the Mun. This would be send up in 2 pieces - and it was the second time these modules had to be send up... as the engineers had decided to cut a medium docking port off when putting it on the rocket, ready for launch. I feel i have quite a bit of VAB errors with docking ports twisting and or going missing.Here is the module being assembled. Notice the little new tug drone I designed for the K.G.02 - The little fellah's seemed a bit troublesome to move to and from K.G.01 to K.G.02 - so I decided to make a smaller one that would be easier for the, now big, Tug drone to carry with it back and forth to install fuel tanks for transportation.Here is a close up of the little fellah. I think I've found the 4 directional RCS thruster to work better with 3 as symmetry rather than 4.Second arm being installed.Although not perfect aligned, its close enough. The white stribe really helped align the two bits propper. - I may still re-alignt the left one once i get the new middle section up... this time with out building bugs.C. A close up of the bugged docking port.I thought I had just completed getting the main structure up, when i realized a docking port had shifted on the very first module. checking the parts for alignment. It is what it is.. its part of the "charm" playing KSP2 early access. But with 8 docking ports its quite easy to miss a single one off. - One last launch with the current second stage. Luckily with the two small tug drones and their medium docking ports + the second stage medium docking port I will have all the vehicles necessary to remove the broken stage, and replace it with a new one... sending yet another failed stage to a parking orbit around Kerbol.It should have been 5 launches... It will be 8 because of VAB errors.Moving Foward:Next post will be once I've figured out a 2nd stage that will be able to efficient move the odd bits to the Mun - The station has 17 small odd small cylenders and 9 adaptors from medium to small docking ports that will connect to them, before the empty fuel tanks can be moved to K.G.02. And I have yet to design the vehicle that will bring the 17 bits... as I will break my neck if I get the bits up 1 by 1.Luckily the small tug drones are there, and they will be able to get into a large cargo bay and grab objects - so I have plans.Any way - Stay Tuned for more!

B.Left to right: 1. Hydrogen Superstructure connected with bad Methalox-module. 2. Living quarters. 3. Secund Stage with New Methalox-Module.New Methalox-Module docked to living quarters and 2nd stage preparing to next stage of operation = Catching the bad Methalox-Module.C.Because the bad Methalox-Module did not have a drone computer for maneuvering and or RCS thrusters, It meant that the second stage had to "catch" it once releazed. Luckily the undock was smoth, and the module traveled in a straight line (no tumbling) at 0.7m/s - I have experienced crafts start tumbling after undocking. Luckily this didnt happen... otherwise it would have become a difficult operation.Bad Methalox-module undocked from the Hydrogen superstructure and drifting past the 2nd stage, ready to turn 180 and connect with the medium docking port.And here - re-aligned and on docking course with the "dead in the water" module.D. In the beginning I would de-orbit the 2nd stage back to Kerbin and let it crash into the planet. But it only required 68Δv to park them in a Kerbol orbit, outside Kerbins sphere of influence.. and if that is good enough for NASA in the 60'ies and 70'ies its good enough for me right now.Here you can see the path going out of Kerbins sphere of influence, and into a kerbol orbit. a long with 2 other stages already outside - One will probably come back to Kerbin at one point, since its path intersect with minimus. E.Because the otherwise "dead" (No drone to control it) superstructure was docked with two small tug drones, and it was pretty much in the correct orientation. It was really just a question of getting the local prograde on target and wait. Pretty smooth operation.Hydrogen Super structure aimed to the medium docking port of the Methalox-Module - Notice the two tug drones at each end of the pole. They ment for really easy control of a otherwise long heavy stick. As i recall 8-9t Far heavier than one should think. Considering its about the same the Living quarter + Methalox-module weight on K.G.02And here we see K.G.02 Superstructure assembled with functioning parts.Moving Forward:Now its all about creating a launch vehicle for all the small adaptors, poles and connecters that will become the docking assembly for crafts, and methalox tanks. I have an idea of putting a cargo bay section on 2nd stage, and fill it with what is needed. As well as extra monopropellant to refill the small tug drones - to be sure they dont run out as K.G.02 does not hold a lot of Monopropellant as the Monopropellant tanks have not been installed. Or I will install the 3 monopropellant tanks on top the super structure first, making sure the tug drones have the fuel necessary. - In any case, I will spend some time in the VAB making the new 2nd stage for bringing up the odd bits. Stay Tuned for More!P.S. If you think my posts are getting too picture saturated leave a comment. - If not i'll just continue the style as it is now.

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