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Black Ops

The player assumes the role of various characters during the single-player campaign, changing perspectives throughout the story. The playable characters are covert operatives conducting black operations behind enemy lines. Each mission features a series of objectives that are displayed on the heads-up display, which marks the direction and distance towards and from such objectives as it has been in the earlier versions. The player is accompanied by friendly troops throughout the game. Although primarily a first-person shooter, certain levels feature sequences where the player pilots a Hind helicopter and guides friendly troops from a SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.[6][7][8] The campaign features several scripted cinematic moments. One of them is a bullet time effect during the "Victor Charlie" level, activated when the player fires toward the last enemy of a Viet Cong squad.[citation needed]

black ops

Black Ops takes place between 1961 and 1968 during both the Cold War and the Vietnam War, 16 years to 23 years after the events of World at War. It portrays a secret history of CIA clandestine black operations carried out behind enemy lines. Missions take place in various locations around the globe, such as the Ural Mountains, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Hong Kong, Laos, South Vietnam, the Arctic Circle and Siberia. The single-player campaign revolves around an experimental nerve agent and chemical weapon codenamed "Nova 6". This weapon is bound to be used by covert sleeper agents in the United States, who are programmed to carry out their orders once broadcasts are transmitted from an unknown numbers station.

For Black Ops, Treyarch focused only on this game unlike past practice. However, it had different teams, each working on separate game modes.[34] Treyarch used a motion capture technology similar to the one used in James Cameron's film Avatar, which allows accurate facial expressions, capturing the whole performance of the actor.[35] The studio also consulted special forces veterans from both belligerents of the Cold War: Major John Plaster (US Army-Ret.) who served in the MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War, and former Soviet special forces operative Sonny Puzikas.[36] The latter taught Treyarch how Spetsnaz soldiers would react in combat, such as rolling out of the line of fire. Spetsnaz AIs in the game have been modeled after him, from his tactics and his movements to his face.[37][38] Although having a historical background, the classified aspect of these Cold War black operations allowed the studio to create its own fictional story.[39] The game also allows players to turn down the blood and turn off the profanity.[40]

A black operation or black op is a covert or clandestine operation by a government agency, a military unit or a paramilitary organization; it can include activities by private companies or groups. Key features of a black operation are that it is secret and it is not attributable to the organization carrying it out.[1]

A single such activity may be called a black bag operation;[1] that term is primarily used for covert or clandestine surreptitious entries into structures to obtain information for human intelligence operations.[2] Such operations are known to have been carried out by the FBI,[3] CIA,[4] KGB, Mossad, MI6, MI5, ASIS, COMANF, DGSE, AISE, CNI[disambiguation needed], MSS, R&AW, DGFI, SVR, FSB and the intelligence services of other nations.[2]

The main difference between a black operation and one that is merely secret is that a black operation involves a significant degree of deception, to conceal who is behind it or to make it appear that some other entity is responsible (e.g. false flag operations).[5][6]

Black may be used as a generic term for any government activity that is hidden or secret. For example, in the United States, some activities by military and intelligence agencies are funded by a classified "black budget", of which the details, and sometimes even the total, are hidden from the public and from most congressional oversight.[7][8]

Our only defense against these terrifying foes is the Company, which takes conspiracy from theory to practice. As one of its best recruits, you'll endure five years at the hellish Academy, where only the best of the best graduate and failing grades become tombstone inscriptions. Upon becoming a black op, you'll possess attributes and deadly expertise to make mere normals tremble.

Female Black Ops are strikingly nimble and agile, able to sprint faster than any other enemy and can jump to extreme heights. They wear a black jumpsuit and use night vision goggles that include a headset with a microphone, although none are ever heard speaking. They are armed with a suppressed Glock 17 and grenades.

Along with the Female Black Ops, Opposing Force introduced the group's male variant. Male Black Ops wear black combat gear and balaclavas that only expose their eyes. Some are seen wearing night vision goggles. Although not visible, they apparently have a communicator in their ear which they are seen listening to whenever they eliminate a target.

They are equipped with the same SMG with grenade attachment that the HECU use, but some male Black Ops have an M40A1 Sniper Rifle. They utilize equipment and vehicles, such as the M35 cargo truck, the AH-64 Apache, and the V-22 Osprey similar to the HECU, but black in color.

Leverage new weapons, vehicles and cutting-edge equipment to take on enemies. Gear up and take the fight offshore to siege enemies underwater, breach a highly fortified enemy base, infil along the canals and liberate much-needed allies at a black site hidden within the mountains.

Secret AvengersGalleryNameSecret AvengersAliasesAvengersMembersLeader(s)Formerly Commander Steve Rogers, HawkeyeFormer Member(s) Ant-Man, Ant-Man (LMD), Beast, Black Widow, Captain Britain, Commander Steve Rogers, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Moon Knight, Nova, Sharon Carter, Valkyrie, Venom, War MachineAffiliation and IdentityIdentityKnown to AuthoritiesAlliesFormerly Archon, Illuminati, Ms. Marvel, Prince of Orphans, Protector, Shang-Chi, Thor, VisionEnemies Formerly Bi-Beast, Circus of Crime, Descendants, Lady Deathstrike, Master Mold, Masters of Evil, Mister Negative, Nazi Party, Nimrod, Phoenix Force, Reavers, Roxxon Oil, Shadow Council, Taskmaster, U-Foes, Wrecking Crew, Zheng ZuOrigin and StatusOriginFormed as a black ops strike team led by Steve Rogers to covertly deal with threats that can't be handled by the core Avengers.StatusDefunctRealityEarth-616Base of OperationsFormerly Lighthouse, Earth Orbit; QuincarrierCreators and AppearancesCreatorsEd Brubaker, Mike Deodato Jr. First Last Secret Avengers #1(May, 2010) Secret Avengers #37(February, 2013)

The new Hanhart PRIMUS Black Ops Pilot takes all the benefits of its predecessor model and develops itself to an ultimate toolwatch for outdoor operations. The black DLC-coated case features a higher scratch resistance and robustness compared to stainless steel, which is perfect for any outdoor activitites. Additionally, it gives the watch a more uncompromising look. The black case design and the bronze green dial complement one another to create a striking appearance with the highest functionality and legibility. 041b061a72

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