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Wander Over Yonder High Quality

The series follows Wander, a nomadic, helpful, and overly-optimistic intergalactic traveller and his best friend and steed, Sylvia the Zbornak, as they travel from planet to planet helping people to have fun, play, and live free, despite the continuing encroachment of Lord Hater, one of the most powerful villains in the galaxy, and his army of Watchdogs.[4][5][6]

Wander Over Yonder

The show's first season is episodic; there are very few strong ties between episodes, and they can be viewed independently of each other. In the second season, however, a more sequential story is introduced; as Lord Dominator begins to conquer the galaxy, the show's tone becomes more serious and the focus moves from stopping the rather incompetent Lord Hater to stopping the extremely competent Lord Dominator. As a result, the episodes are more closely linked and there are several developments in the overarching plot.

Despite Wander's very easygoing nature, there have been times where he has been pushed to his limits. For instance, he had trouble maintaining his self-control when his curiosity was piqued by the unknown contents of a box he was not supposed to open in "The Box." Wander is also completely unable to stop himself from helping out whenever he can, even when the help is not really wanted or needed and often regardless of his own personal safety, suggesting his need to help others is driven by a sense of compulsion. Wander struggles when his assistance isn't needed, and he may take on large amounts of stress if he is unable to help anyone for a while. He also gets very defensive over people he has formed attachments with, as shown in "The Toddler" when he snapped at some shoppers who insulted his and Sylvia's parenting skills, and the reckless behavior of the toddler they were looking after. His empathetic, protective nature can also make him susceptible to manipulation, as shown in "The Stray."

A lot of Wander's personal history is unknown as his original name, birthplace, age and species are not revealed. Because Wander is a alien version of a 10 year old boy named Ander K. Ferguson with the letter W started with. What is known is at one point he was helpless, which made him decide to help everyone and show them happiness. [4] His presence during the last planetary alignment as seen in "The Waste of Time" makes him at least 1000 years old. (Note: Planetary alignments can be galactic not making him 1000 years old at minimum as the former alignment took place in a different galaxy. The creators of the show have not fully confirmed if he is over 1000 years old or not but have refrenced it at points making the claim unconfirmed and speculative.)Prior to the main story Wander has visited and met a lot of beings. While the exact order is untold it is implied he traveled very extensively. Wander is aware of the Mooplexians true nature when others sees them as unimpressive. He decided that Dr. Screwball Jones is the most dangerous villain and created a superhero persona to stop him. While under a different name, Wander befriended Major Threat and manage to turn him good. Wander stole a magical hat at one point from its previous owners once he realized the hat does not like to be forced into giving items. He befriends the semi sentient hat and wears it in order to protect it. He is claimed by bounty hunter Sylvia, until she befriends him and joins on his travels across the galaxy.

Wander has boundless energy and can move very quickly. One example is during his chase with Lord Hater in "The Picnic" in which he runs so fast, he ends up running over him. In "The Tourist," he's seen racing Trudi without Sylvia and it seems like he's going fast.

Despite never accepting Wander's offers of friendship, Hater does eventually become increasingly more comfortable with getting help from Wander, or even teaming up with him, over time. When Hater developed a crush on Lord Dominator, Wander was the only person who supported Hater wanting to ask her out. This brought the two of them together on multiple occasions, a few in which Hater genuinely enjoyed spending time with Wander, like in "The Show Stopper." When reminiscing on these times in "The Waste of Time", Wander expresses how happy he is that Hater's come so far.

Wander and Peepers first met in "The Greatest". Wander sees Peepers and says "Look at you and your little hat! You're so cute I can't stand it! Trade!" Peepers wants to capture Wander and make evil spread over the universe because of him (as revealed in "The Bounty"). Wander believes Peepers is not really a bad guy, despite having been captured by him before. He is amiable towards Peepers, calling him "Mister" Peepers, as opposed to "Commander" Peepers, and sees him as cute. Peepers sees Wander, at first, as a "hyperactive, wandering weirdo" not worthy of Hater's attention, but later admits that Wander really is a "sly, cunning, and crafty genius" ("The Prisoner"). In The Sick Day it revealed that every morning, Wander would raise the soles on Peepers' shoes 1/8 of a inch so he can help him feel taller.

In "The Battle Royale", after discovering that Lord Dominator is a girl, Wander made it his goal to get her and Lord Hater together, as he believed them to have lots in common. He hoped that they would fall in love, and that their love would cancel out all of their evil! This all proved to be wrong in "My Fair Hatey," wherein Dominator made it clear that she is nothing but a threat to them and that she's passionate about her evildoing. She illustrates that much through song by destroying Planet Lamouria, breaking Wander's banjo, and attacking him and Lord Hater. Realizing his mistake, and seeing that she would never love Hater and only wants to watch the galaxy burn, Wander, Hater, Sylvia, and Peepers decide to save the galaxy from Lord Dominator.

Wander finds Little Bits in "The Stray" and attempts to help take her to a distant relative or a kooky cat lady. Throughout the episode, Wander falls under her spell and does anything she says, including turning himself over to Lord Hater, but Sylvia manages to punch him out of her spell near the end of the episode. Wander remembers that there was "a little kitty, in the street", but seems to remember nothing else about Little Bits. Their relationship is, as of now, unknown, however, Wander does give her a present in "The Gift", suggesting that he does remember her.

In "The Rider", Wander seems to disapprove of Ryder's forceful and questionable methods, but still treats him with kindness. He accepts that Ryder and Sylvia make a good team, and admits that he may be better off finding a new partner. However, he returns to Sylvia despite this, and renews their friendship. Ryder is dumped on a planetoid after he tries to steal all of Lord Hater's stolen treasures. Their relationship is unsteady, but not overly antagonistic. Wander delivers a present to Ryder in "The Gift", implying that he does not hold a grudge against him.

The series follows Wander: an overly-optimistic intergalactic traveler and his steed Sylvia traveling from planet to planet helping people have fun and live free, all against Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs' evil reign.

Similar to Seinfeld and The Amazing World of Gumball, the episodes start with the article "The". Most episodes usually begin by showing an overview of the planet the episode takes place on.

Sadly the show did not have the audience numbers that it needed and got mostly overshadowed by other Disney Channel/Disney XD cartoons at time, like Gravity Falls, and even by those who came out while the show was running, like Star vs. the Forces of Evil, likely as a consequence of Wander Over Yonder lacking an overarching story like the two previously mentioned shows, especially after the show moved to Disney XD which caused a massive drop in ratings during the show's second season, which is unfortunate as many would argue this season outdid the first one in terms of quality, and incorporated an overarching story arc in the form of the character of Lord Dominator.

When not in her armour, however, Dominator seems to be a highly upbeat and energetic woman, getting overexcited about doing evil things and which destructive weapons to use. However, this should never be mistaken for anything less than evil and cruel. She is also manipulative, and will sometimes pretend to be attracted to Lord Hater to trick him; however, she finds him highly obnoxious and weak in comparison to her.

In My Fair Hatey it is revealed she does not want to take over the galaxy, but rather destroy it. She herself states her motives as being because she finds it thrilling to destroy planets and watch people suffer as she crushes their hopes and dreams. She also states she's "always had a weakness for barrenness and bleakness." In the same episode, she manages to force all of the villains except Hater to surrender to her, and then she takes them prisoner.

Lord Dominator appears to be a female human-like character covered with green skin with a white hair, her eyes' sclera is coloured in pink topped with a head-armour which can be covered by a mask that changes her voice, and giant yellow thunder-like horns. She wears a T-shirt which is black and has a melting heart accommodated with the spikes can be seen on her shoulders, a gloves which are the same to Lord Hater's, a black long skirt with thigh high split, a sock which is similar to Wander's, so as its shoe. The whole appearance can transform into a big cloak covering her whole body changing her arms colour and size so as its gloves.

Dominator's most prominent ability is her power over lava, being able to generate it from her body to fire as projectiles, shape it into different weapons, or change into her battle form at will. Her ship is equipped with a specialized drill that mines lava directly from a planet's core to serve as fuel or material with which to manufacture her minions in on-board factories.

Following the events of "My Fair Hatey," Dominator gained the power over ice and snow. She acquired these powers when Peepers attempted to destroy her ship's core with the frostonium Ray, not knowing that this would backfire. She still keeps her fire and lava powers and uses them in conjunction with this ability, making her twice as powerful. As of "The End of the Galaxy," she has become proficient in its use, shown when she created an ice sculpture decoy of Sylvia before immobilizing Wander in ice. 041b061a72

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