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Watch Zoo 3x09

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Watch Zoo 3x09


One night, while doing homework with Drake, Josh refuses to watch a San Diego Padres baseball game on the TV with the rest of the family because of an incident from eight years ago he still remembers, when he got into a fight with another boy (later turning out to be Drake) who bought the last foam finger before he could. Coincidentally, Drake then recalls that he too got into a fight at a Padres game from eight years ago, because it is revealed that he was the one who bought the last foam finger, wrecking Josh's chance to buy one himself. Now the two realize that they had met (before their 7th grade year at middle school) and fought with each other, at that Padres game from eight years ago. Both boys believe that the other started the fight, and their flashback scenes depict different circumstances based on their own memory of the event, which are based on their opinions.

Ed and Janel were imprisoned in separate prison cells aboard a Krill destroyer, and guards forced Ed to watch them torture Janel until he gave up his Planetary Union command codes. Ed gave them false codes. Satisfied, Janel revealed herself to be Teleya, the schoolteacher from the Yakar. Over the course of a year, she had undergone transcellular micrografting to appear Human, fooling even bioscanners, to enter the Union and eventually join the Orville.

During the journey to Earth, the Kaylon held Ed and the other senior officers captive in the Shuttle Bay. Along the way, the Kaylon armada was greeted by the USS Roosevelt. Wishing to keep their attack secret, they forced Ed and First Officer Kelly Grayson to tell Marcos, now captain of the Roosevelt, that the armada was an ambassadorial envoy as the Kaylon have decided to join the Union. Ed secretly alerted Marcos that his message is a lie by wishing him "a 13-button salute," but the Kaylon knew of the code; they destroyed the Roosevelt and, as punishment, forced Ed to watch them kill an ensign.[5]

The time came for Claire and Isaac's marriage and as a Union captain, it was Ed's happy duty to perform it. He spoke of the great traditions of ship's captains from the distant past before revealing that Claire and Isaac had written their own voews. The two gave their vows and he pronounced them married. Afterwards, during the reception, he received a comm stating that a transport had docked and that someone was on his way to meet him. He returned to the reception with a happy surrpise: a visiting Alara Kitan. He then watched along with the others as Bortus attempted to give the wedding toast, only for it to go so badly that Claire prompted Isaac to have Gordon step in instead. Gordon then gave a much more lighthearted speech before performing the song "Secret O' Life" for the group.

When Ed first met Alara Kitan as his new Chief of Security, he was put off by her lack of experience.[44] His opinion softened after rescuing Kelly and him from a Calivon zoo, and he awarded her a Sapphire Star for bravery.[8] By February 2420, Ed told her, "If I was being rushed by an angry Moclan who wanted to kill me, the one person I would want between him and me is you."[44] Ed initially resented Claire Finn because he believed that she held a presumption that he needed an adviser or counselor to do his job. Over time, however, he came to trust and rely on her, to the point that he could not imagine captaining the Orville without the security of her watchful eye. When Talla Keyali first replaced Alara Kitan, it took time for him to get used to her tough, hard-edged demeanor in comparison with Alara. He found it sad, as he had developed a substantial trust in Alara. Over time, however, Ed grew to like Talla, her having proven herself on multiple occasions and having pulled the Orville's crew out of more than one tough spot.[45]

The entire zoo is on baby watch as Phoebe the Elephant goes into labor. It could be three days or 30 days before the big event, but Phoebe's keepers aren't going anywhere until she delivers. A dentist makes a house call to perform a root canal on Aurora the Polar Bear, and a family of flying foxes, better known as bats, gets its annual exam.

A litter of orphaned wild dogs seeks acceptance from the pack leader while under the watchful eye of the vet team. Meanwhile, an endangered chuckwalla beats the odds, and a 44-year-old orangutan gets a complete physical ahead of the zoo's biggest birthday bash of the year.

This week, the team teaches baby otters to swim before they make their television debut. Meanwhile, a cougar's future gets brighter with some expert eye care, and zookeepers watch a newborn giraffe to ensure it hits three key growth milestones. 041b061a72

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