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Soundforge 8.0 Sony Mp3 Plug In 2.0 Activation Codel ((TOP))

When I try to open an MP3, an error message comes up: "The file C:\XXXX.mp3 cannot be opened until its plugin has been registered". The "Please Register" page comes up and says: "You must now register Sonic Foundry MP3 Plugin 2.0 to continue using it". I choose "Online" method, and a new page comes up that says:"An error has occurred during online registration", lists my Serial #, Comp ID, and leaves a blank box for myactivation code.The serial number listed is the same # that is listed in the "About Sound Forge". It is NOT the serial # that is the one listed in my Sony Creative Software account, that is now my Magix account. My Sound Forge 6.0 software works perfectly fine, even in 64-bit. It just won't open an MP3 until I get an activation code to register the plugin. I don't think I can be any more concise than that, sorry. Once again, my life will be fine if I can't get this to work,but I could use it, and if all it takes is a code, I'd sure appreciate that! Thanks again - TheProf

Soundforge 8.0 Sony Mp3 Plug In 2.0 Activation Codel

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