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I Am Bread UPD

Take the intrepid, crumby adventurer on a journey from his natural confines of the kitchen, through the home of an unsuspecting owner and into the outside world. This bread will be boldly going where no other bread has gone before . . .

I am Bread

Additional game modes and other types of bread will cater for all tastes! Set speed records racing across the levels as a bagel; realise your destiny as crispbread in cheese hunt mode; relieve your stress as the baguette and smash everything in sight in rampage mode. Oh, and did we mention bread goes into space too?

I Am Bread puts the player in control of a slice of bread. The aim of each level is to turn the bread into toast. If the bread, before becoming toast, touches certain objects (e.g. the floor, water, or ants), it will get dirty and the "edibility" meter will go down. To control the bread the player must use the arrow keys or an analog stick.[5] The levels are based on the seven days of the week.

Several expansions have added various features, such as having players play as a baguette bent on destroying any fragile object in the room, a bagel that races around the room, and as a fragile cracker that seeks to find slices of cheese and have them stick to it while avoiding disintegration by repetitive impacts on surfaces. In addition, two other levels were added where the player plays either in zero gravity or as a "bread fighter" facing various fighters and ships made of bakery goods in a parody of Star Wars called Starch Wars. Another bonus level has a slice of bread seeking to find and complete an unfinished sandwich in the refrigerator inside a room with a slumbering Heavy set in Team Fortress 2.

Mr. Murton is a therapy patient who had a failed business in the past and a divorced wife. He is distressed over alleged break-ins into his house with the culprit supposedly leaving behind pieces of toasted bread as a taunt or warning. With each scenario, Mr. Murton progressively finds out that the culprit of the disarranged house are sentient slices of a specific bread, and at the end, throws the bread out in the trash and escapes custody from the therapy building. After a slice of bread that escaped the garbage truck causes an explosion at a gas station, another slice of bread confronts Mr. Murton while he is driving away from the scene with the intent of eliminating the bread. Terrified, Mr. Murton suffers from what appears to be a heart attack and faints, resulting in a car crash and Mr. Murton becomes injured and falls unconscious. Some time after the crash, Nigel Burke, a mysterious man with a watch, pulls over and investigates and grabs Mr. Murton off-screen, and in front of the car is a Barnardshire Sign indicating that I am Bread is a prequel to Surgeon Simulator 2013, another game by Bossa Studios.

PC Gamer writer Jordan Erica Webber gave the game a 58/100 score and commented on the fact that "the game is better played in front of an audience, but there is more available than what someone may see at first glance".[5] Kotaku writer Luke Plunkett said that the game might actually have "some depth beyond just laughing at the bread-walking."[14]

I Am Bread is an unusual simulator game developed by Bossa Studios and released in 2015. As the game's title suggests, players have a chance to take control over a slice of bread that has only one goal - to become a toast. The game features an advanced physics engine - every in-game object realistically responds to our action. This fun bread video game received surprisingly positive reviews among many players.

The game features challenging and diverse levels representing the seven days of the week. During the adventure, players control a piece of bread with only one goal - to reach the toaster and get inside it. Even though the task may seem easy and ridiculous at first, you will quickly find out that it can be really tricky. Especially when you have to control each corner of the bread slice separately. But don't you worry - when you'll get used to the unusual controls, you will become skilled bread parkour runner!

One of the biggest selling points of the game is its physics engine. Almost every object in the game realistically reacts to the player's actions. Very often, players can use that to their advantage while trying to reach that desired toaster. For example, we can use a cooling fan to launch the bread in the air, possibly enclosing us to the target. During the gameplay, players will test not only their manual skills, but also their ability to think logically.

While trying to reach the toaster, players must keep the bread slice in the best condition. Touching certain objects like water, floor, etc, will make the bread dirty and its edibility meter will go down. Bringing it all the way down will over the game. Nobody wants to eat dirty bread right?

On the surface, I AM BREAD is an adventure game about a humble slice of bread whose dream is to be toasted. But this dream takes place across a couple different modes. In the story mode, this dream has a bit of a darker undertone, because it tells a tale about a man who thinks he's losing his mind when his bread keeps toasting itself. In alternate game modes, players will participate in platforming missions, racing modes, and even space shooters.

If you can stay calm long enough to get through story mode, unlockable timed physics-based challenges such as Cheese Hunt and Bagel Race provide moderately more entertaining fare. There's even a recently added space shooter mode called "Starch Wars" in honor of May 4. This mode, as the rest of I Am Bread, is amusing for around five minutes -- or as long as it takes you to chuckle at the sight of Tie Fighters made from bagels and crackers. Visually, the game isn't bad, but the art team's decision to go with realism makes for some fairly blah interiors. The music is probably the highlight, being a silly mix of piano, whistling, and ... is that a kazoo playing in the background? What I Am Bread amounts to really is a jokey one-liner stretched thin. Once you've absorbed the cutesy bread puns, it has nothing more to offer than a terrifically discouraging waste of your entertainment time.

From the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes an all-new single player title about a slice of bread on a journey to become toast. I Am Bread, similarly to titles like Goat Simulator, became popular on the PC through comical YouTube videos, and has now been ported to the PlayStation 4.

The goal of I Am Bread is to control a piece of bread from the starting position to a source of heat so you can become toast. Along the way, if you graze gross objects such as stinky leftovers or fall on the floor then you'll become less edible and once you're completely inedible, you lose. This absolutely disgusted me as I accumulated broken eggshells, flopped over dead fish, and squirmed across the floor but my gaming chum turned to me and said, "This game is making me want toast" then she made some. Are you seeing the same game that I am? Haha! It's such a ridiculous game that I plan on playing more of just to see where the campaign will take me next. ?

On PS4, moving your piece of bread involves the four shoulder buttons. Each relates to a corner of your piece of bread, and by holding the relevant button, you can "grip" with that corner. Moving the left analogue stick then allows you to pivot around that point, and move yourself around the room.

One of the great things about I am Bread is that there's a huge variety in the modes on offer. With five main modes to choose from, along with the standard "toast yourself" mode, there's a racing mode that sees you steering a bagel through a course; a destruction mode that puts you in charge of a particularly awkward baguette; a cracker mode, that asks you to find all the bits of cheese without damaging the fragile cracker too much; and the weirdest, Zero G, which gets you to fly your piece of bread through a room with no gravity, looking for something to toast yourself on.

These modes are Free Play, Rampage, Bagel Race, Cheese Hunt, and Zero G. Free Play lets you explore a level to find new routes and secrets without worrying about staying tasty or clean. Rampage has you controlling a baguette with its own clumsy controls (you only have the two ends) and a mission to smash everything in the room. Bagel Race is a checkpoint-based time trial with the most accessible controls in the game because bagels just wanna roll, man. In Cheese Hunt, you play as a cracker searching rooms for bits of smelly milk curd, and Zero G has you using a jet-propelled sled to carry a slice of bread to its toasting in rooms where everything is floating around all crazy-like.

Acing level one may sound easy, but if you've played I am Bread, you know how maddening it can be to get your bread from table to toaster without spoiling it along the way. It took me a few hours to figure out how to maneuver my bread masterfully enough to become toast, and I'm sure many of you struggled as well, right? Right?

Brought to us by the same minds that gave us Surgeon Simulator 2013, I Am Bread is a game where you are bread. More specifically, you're a slice of bread attempting to maneuver its way to a heat source to become toast. The goal is to be quick and nimble, transforming into a scrumptious piece of doughy byproduct without overcooking yourself. Along the way, you have to avoid touching anything that could spoil you, from grimy floors, kitty litter, and especially water.

However, your existence as a sentient piece of bread does not go totally unnoticed. Mr. Murton, the man who owns the house you traverse, begins to suspect you're no ordinary little wheat germ. But he's also a geriatric man with a grudge against the city council who vexes him. A regular visitor of the Therapy Barn to deal with stress, his therapist thinks he's going senile when he tries to explain how his house is being routinely trashed each day by a chunk of toasted bread. 041b061a72

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