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If you include only the item's required elements in your catalog file, the Title might be the only data available to Amazon for matching. If you include a ReleaseYear, the content's RuntimeMinutes, an episode number in a TvEpisode or MiniSeries, or any other unambiguous metadata value, you will increase the chance of Amazon achieving a high-confidence match when a customer searches or browses for that content.


The bar across the top of the library provides quick access to actions as well as shows the total number of items currently displayed. The actions available in this top bar specifically apply to the visible items (when filtered) or those that are multi-selected. Actions related to the library itself (such as scanning for new content) are found in the left sidebar.

Plex and our partners use standard Web technologies, such as browser cookies, which may be necessary to make our site work and enable core functionality, such as security, network management, and accessibility. You may disable these by changing your browser settings, but note that it may affect how our site functions.

Necessary cookies enable core functionality on our site, such as security, network management, and accessibility. You may disable these by changing your browser settings, but it may affect how the site functions.

Firstly, that channel downloads episodes onto my playlist without my permission. I have first-run ONLY options on all the tv shows I watch. But somehow...'miraculously'...1998 TV shows downloads 10 to 20 episodes EVERY DAY of shows I do not want or have a lready watched, which deletes shows at the bottom of my playlist. How is this possible when I have first-run only options???

Secondly, we pay a lot of money for direct tv. If we miss a show for some reason...even technical issues that are not our fault, or we find a new show we like and want to catch up on previous episodes, now we have to pay $2.99 for each episode? More than $60 to watch one season? We have to pay twice to watch shows that are already included in our direct TV packages? Are you kidding me? This new addition to direct tv is going to lose a lot of customers.

Each channel manages their own On Demand library. What is going on is that within the last year or so that some channels are adding more content in their library that are PPVs on top of the free included content they already provide. This is most common with popular series. Typically On Demand may have a few recent episodes, even the one that just aired so people can catch up. So the channel owners are trying to capitalize on people who binge watch their shows.

What should we watch? Those four words could lead to a lot of drama. Luckily, the Universal Guide on your Samsung TV and smart monitor is your go-to source for entertainment built directly into your Samsung TV. You can search for content you want to see, and the guide even makes recommendations based on your preferences all served up in one easy-to-browse platform. No more prolonged, aimless browsing.

TV Shows: Browse through the available shows by category or by using the Search icon at the top left. You can even get reminders on your phone about shows by connecting your TV with the SmartThings app.

Some movies and TV shows cannot be played back on older Kaleidescape players, for technical reasons. For example, certain movies and TV shows require an M-Class player or Kaleidescape Strato to perform the decoding. 4K HDR downloads additionally require an HDR-compatible display.

There is a "Rentals" view in the movie store. On the web, it is under the Manage menu. On mobile, it is under the More tab. On the Strato onscreen display, it is a collection row on the main "Movie Store" screen, just above the Featured row. The web and mobile interfaces show both currently rented movies and previously rented movies. The onscreen store interface shows only currently rented movies.

Servers that you plan to decommission, sell, or replace should be removed from your system. A server may be removed, if it is online, by navigating to the system's browser interface, finding the server on the Components tab, and pressing the Remove from system button.

Some movies and TV shows are licensed for sale in some countries, but not others. If you have multiple systems located in different countries, some movies and TV shows may be downloaded to one system but not another.

UltraViolet is an all-new way to collect, access, and enjoy your movies and TV shows in the cloud. UltraViolet purchases made on the Kaleidescape Store can be streamed to your web browser or mobile device using Flixster or other participating services. You can identify UltraViolet movies on the Kaleidescape Store by looking for the UltraViolet logo.

uNoGs (short for Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search) is an online media database service which keeps a record of all the Netflix shows. But unlike other sites in this list, uNoGS shows you the list of countries where the title is available. Once you know, which country has the title, you can just use a VPN to browse the content.

When we set out to find exactly how many English titles are on Netflix, we added a feature to our Netflix Library area where we list all the titles in a given language. That results in our big list of English series and movies on Netflix list. There you can browse and search with expanded information on over 3000 English titles in the Netflix library.

AMC+ is a new premium streaming bundle that includes the best of AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV - with full access to Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited. Thousands of hours of incredible content, on demand, all in one place, with new shows and movies added every week.

If you mean the Apple TV+ service in a web browser, then what you see on the main page is everything that is available there. It is already categorized by genre (drama, comedy, feature films, non-fiction, family). Each row is (independently) scrollable horizontally, so some shows may not be visible until you scroll.

Oh, I see. So you are not using the Apple TV app, instead using the Apple TV+ service in a web browser. Then the headings above each row of tiles (latest releases, drama, comedy, feature films, non-fiction, family) are all the categories that are used.

You might also want to download our maps: film and TV drama, idea to screen (PDF) or film and TV drama industry map (PDF) for an overview of job roles.If you are a teacher or careers adviser you may also like to browse our classroom resources.

Your Philips Android TV is fully capable of browsing the internet. However, an application to surf the internet (i.e. a browser) is not pre-installed, to allow you the choice of the one you prefer. To enable this functionality, simply open the Google Play Store and search for one of the browsers available there. We have found that the Puffin TV Browser s excellent. 041b061a72

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