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Discussion Trading Gratuite Ouvert à tous

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You agree to use only legitimate means for promoting the community and to not interfere or damage the activity of the website or any other website or servers. You are not, through your participation in our Referral Program, permitted to (i) bid on, purchase or otherwise register/use `Dreamstime`, ``, or any other similar spelling, or use the same in connection with the words `Official`, `Officially`, or `Official Site` as keywords or advertising words on any internet search engines, including without limitation,,,,, etc.; (ii) use our trademark `Dreamstime` in association with any similar or competing website or service; or (iii) register any domain name which incorporates or is a `misspelling` or variation of `Dreamstime.` You agree that in the event you violate any part of this section of this Agreement, your account may be terminated, any amount earned but not paid yet will be forfeited, and you will cooperate fully in transferring any items forbidden by this section to Dreamstime as the rightful owner.


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