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FUNKY DJ's -Stai - 2004 Video !!INSTALL!!

You may be surprised to find the words "funky" and "French-Canadian" in the same sentence, but probably no more so than the words "Arab/Jewish" and "successful long-term partnership," all of which Chromeo most definitely is. Comprised of childhood friends Patrick "P-Thugg" Gemayel and David "Dave 1" Macklovitch, the unlikely duo were born in 2004 for a project for fellow Canadian Tiga's label Turbo. Since then, the pair have released four albums of goofy, upbeat, electro pop; three mix CDs (two with French titles); numerous remixes; as well as having the distinct honor of collaborating with Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oates fame) both live and in the studio. More fun facts: Dave has a Ph.D. in French Literature and lectures in French at Barnard College and Patrick sings through a talk box (like Peter Frampton) which is held up by sexy lady mannequin legs when performing live!Chromeo DJs tonight at Output with Nick Catchdubs, DJ Lindsey and Jamie Antonelli in the main room, while in the Panther Room it's an evening of Janet vs. Rihanna vs. Madonna with various DJs.

FUNKY DJ's -Stai - 2004 video


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