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[2016]- Gt; Dragon City Cheats Free ~ Gt; Food, Gold, Gems, App, Coins, Trainer, IPhone

back when sci-fi was fresh and radical, gurps space set the gold standard for space role-playing. now, gurps space is back to keep your campaign alive and kicking. featuring three new careers, eight new class subraces, and over a dozen new equipment items, this book allows you to explore the vast reaches of deep space with ease. gurps space is the most complete sourcebook for a decade, and the best space rpg can be found anywhere.

[2016]- gt; Dragon City Cheats Free ~ gt; Food, Gold, Gems, App, Coins, Trainer, iPhone

if the age of enlightenment's about to end.. then have a few drinks. gurps renaissance is your guide to the fires of the italian renaissance, and a guidebook unlike any other. this book's not about history. it's about fantasy. it's about the things we wish we could be doing with our time, our money, and our swords. whether your idea of a good time is living it up in the lavish villas of the medici, risking your neck in the galleys of venice, or simply getting in a few licks, this book's for you. what makes gurps renaissance a great rpg? the answers are in the pages ahead. you're welcome.

chaos wars is the first full-fledged campaign setting in the gurps universe. it's all about the heroes, and the bad guys, and the maelstroms that make the world go round. for the first time, it's possible to have your cake and eat it too! with fifty-six pages of rules, and another five hundred-odd pages of advice, all meant to help you bring your stories to life, you're sure to find all the support you need to tell the most heroic tale yet.

in the grand tradition of the great gurps heist, the great gurps heist 2, and all those other games in which a team of dubious quality attempt a momentous caper, the great gurps heist: small scale allows you to create your own, personal heist. with gurps heist: small scale, you can run the greatest heist the world's ever seen in a single evening. carefully plan your moment of truth.. and execute. with gurps heist: small scale, you'll be able to pull off the perfect heist -- but at the risk of everyone around you dying. and you'll have all the fun while you're at it!

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