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Sex And The City - Season 4 HOT!

The fourth season of the American television romantic comedy-drama Sex and the City aired in the United States on HBO. The show was created by Darren Star while Star, Michael Patrick King, John P. Melfi, series lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker, Cindy Chupack, and Jenny Bicks served as executive producers. The series was produced by Darren Star Productions, HBO Original Programming, and Warner Bros. Television. Sarah Jessica Parker portrays the lead character Carrie Bradshaw, while Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon played her best friends Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes.

Sex And The City - Season 4

The 4th season, comprising 18 episodes, continued airing on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM during the summer months, but unlike the previous seasons, the first twelve episodes aired during the summer, starting from June 3, 2001 and the remaining six aired during January and February 2002, ending on February 10, 2002. In the United Kingdom, the season was broadcast on Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM, two episodes a night, between January 9 and March 6, 2002. The season continued the series' critical and award success, with the series winning 3 Emmy awards, 2 Golden Globe awards, and a SAG award. Season four also achieved high ratings in the United States and United Kingdom.

The fourth season of Sex and the City was produced by Darren Star Productions and Warner Bros. Television, in association with HBO Original Programming. The series is based on the book of the same name, written by Candice Bushnell, which contains stories from her column with the New York Observer. The show featured production from Antonia Ellis, Jane Raab and series star Sarah Jessica Parker, also an executive producer alongside Michael Patrick King, John Melfi, Cindy Chupack, and Jenny Bicks. Episodic writers return for the fourth season included Bicks, Chupack, Allan Heinberg, King, Julie Rottenberg, and Elisa Zuritsky. New writers enlisted for the season included Nicole Avril, Jessica Bendinger, and Amy B. Harris. The season was directed by returning directors Allen Coulter, King, Charles McDougall, Michael Spiller, and Alan Taylor. Directors new to the series included Martha Coolidge, Michael Engler, and David Frankel.

Like the previous seasons, season four features the same principal cast and characters. Sarah Jessica Parker portrays Carrie Bradshaw, a fashionable thirty-something woman who writes about sex and life in New York City in her column, "Sex and the City", with the fictional New York Star.[1] Kim Cattrall played the promiscuous public relations agent Samantha Jones.[2] Kristin Davis portrayed Charlotte York MacDougal, an optimistic, strait-laced former art curator who remains the most traditional amongst her friends in terms of relationships and public decorum.[3] Cynthia Nixon acted as the acerbic and sarcastic lawyer Miranda Hobbes, who holds a pessimistic view on relationships and men.[4]

The fourth season featured a number of recurring and guest actors whose characters contributed significantly to the series plotlines. Chris Noth reprised his role as Mr. Big, a sly businessman who at this point remains friends with Carrie despite their previous romantic relationships.[5] David Eigenberg portrayed Miranda's on-off boyfriend, bar owner and father of her child Steve Brady.[6] Willie Garson played entertainment manager and Carrie's gay friend Stanford Blatch.[7] Kyle MacLachlan appeared as Trey MacDougal, a doctor with Scottish ancestry and Charlotte's nearly impotent husband.[8] John Corbett reprised his role as Aidan Shaw, a carpenter, bar owner and Carrie's boyfriend-turned-fiancé.[9] Mario Cantone returns to the series as a recurring guest actor, portraying Charlotte's gay friend and former wedding planner Anthony Marantino.[10] Sônia Braga joined the series as Maria Diega Reyes, an artist and Samantha's girlfriend.[11] Frances Sternhagen reprised her role as Trey's overbearing and intrusive mother Bunny MacDougal; she received an Emmy nomination for her performance in the series.[12] James Remar appeared in the fourth season as hotelier and Samantha's boyfriend Richard Wright.[13] Lynn Cohen reprises her role as Magda, Miranda's foreign housekeeper.

Season four of Sex and the City debuted on June 3, 2001 with the episodes "The Agony and the 'Ex'-tacy" and "The Real Me". The episodes were seen by 6.49 million people and 5.93 million people respectively.[14] Viewership for the first twelve episodes of the season held above five million viewers, with a majority of them crossing 5.5 million viewers. Unlike the second and third seasons, season four aired twelve episodes in the summer and the remaining six in the winter to make room for the new miniseries Band of Brothers.[15] The remaining six episodes that aired in the winter set highs for the series, with the premiere episode "The Good Fight" attracting 7.30 million viewers and a 4.7 household rating, translating to 4.97 million households. Another reason for the split in season broadcast was the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. It was deemed inappropriate to continue the Series' broadcast after the devastation in the same city the show was set, and would have seemed insensitive to the victims and families.[16] The seventeenth episode "A 'Vogue' Idea", which was viewed by 4.34 million viewers, garnered the lowest ratings of the season.[17] The season finale episode "I Heart NY" garnered the series' highest ratings at the time, 7.39 million viewers watching it upon initial broadcast and achieving a 4.9 household rating.[18]

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course we wouldn't fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all, seasons change. So do cites. People come into your life and people go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you're very lucky, a plane ride away.

I got to thinking about fate. That crazy concept that we're not really responsible for the course our lives take. That it's all predestined, written in the stars. Maybe that explains why, if you live in a city, where you can't even see the stars, your love life tends to feel a little more random. And even if our every man, every kiss, every heartache, is pre-ordered from some cosmic catalogue, can we still take a wrong step and wander off our own personal milky way? I couldn't help but wonder, can you make a mistake and miss your fate?

In "The Monogamists" (season one), the actor's character gets flirty with Carrie after being introduced by Stanford. Jennifer Aniston's ex also pops up in "Shortcomings" (season two) as a fellow writer named Vaughn Wysel whose relationship with Carrie ultimately falls apart over performance problems in the bedroom.

When the Oscar winner (playing himself in season three's "Escape From New York)" pitches an idea to play Big in the movie adaptation of Carrie's life, she is thoroughly weirded out and hightails it far, far away from Los Angeles.

In "They Shoot Single People, Don't They?" (season two), Carrie mistakenly poses for a New York Magazine cover titled "Single & Fabulous?" Upset, she seeks solace in the arms of Jake, played by Cooper, who makes a quick exit from their rendezvous when he spots Carrie's face on the mag.

The Arrested Development star lets his freak flag fly in "La Douleur Exquise!" (season two) when he plays Jack, a love interest of Miranda who enjoys having sex in public. All is well until it's revealed that Jack in fact lives at home with his mother, and the excitement fizzles.

While vacationing in Los Angeles in "Sex and Another City" (season three), Carrie is introduced to Keith Travers (Vaughn), who says he's Matt Damon's agent. But things go south when Carrie finds out she actually slept in Carrie Fisher's home...because Keith was merely house sitting.

Carrie reconnects with her high school sweetheart Jeremy, played by The X: Files star, in "Boy, Interrupted" (season five). Their reunion was short-lived, as her former beau shared he's in a mental institution.

In season four's "Defining Moments," the comedian plays a New Yorker cartoonist named Doug who strikes up a seemingly normal romance with Miranda. Unfortunately, Doug likes to use the restroom with the door open, a major no-no for Cynthia Nixon's titular character.

Long before the actress got her big break in Two Broke Girls, Kat Dennings landed her first role on SATC in "Hot Child in the City" (season three) as a teen who hires Samantha to do PR and book celebrity talent for her Bat Mitzvah.

It had already been a lousy day for Sex and the City columnist Carrie Bradshaw when she tried to get on the subway. The entrance was roped off another terrorist alert in an already skittish city had shut it down.

Sex and the City producers faced a delicate balancing act this season. Not only did they have to craft compelling stories for the show's four women, they had to be true to dramatic changes in the fifth character: the city of New York.

Quite by chance, the mood of those episodes seemed in line with the city's. The final scene of Carrie, fresh from another missed connection with Mr. Big, walking down a city street as a leaf fluttered toward her captured an autumnal feeling.

"It's always about the city filtered through these girls' eyes," he said. "It was never designed to capture a mass feeling about anything. We never thought about doing a 'where were you then' episode, or trying to trivialize the event at all."

The season-opening episode, soon to be shown in Australia, where the women attended a "fleet week" social gathering to check out visiting sailors, elevated New York's importance to the series in unexpected ways.

It was jarring when a Louisiana sailor complained about the city's noise and garbage in a conversation with Carrie. Not that those words hadn't been heard before - they're practically a cliche for out-of-towners - but it seemed so strange at a time other qualities of the city are being celebrated. 041b061a72

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