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Acronis True Image Home 2013 Iso

I apologize, technically I have created a new virtual machine on my C drive, I have a new third party backup image on the usb drive I am trying to connect to in order to install the OS image. I am trying to find a way to easily use acronis true image home 2013 tib drive images as a way to simply connect to it as an image and run the image. Creating a new vm machine and then having to use acronis boot cd to install from an image on a usb drive is not the easy method i am looking for, but for the time being I thought I could get the os installed on the vm machine and start using it.

Acronis True Image Home 2013 Iso

Download Zip:

Okay, that's more clear, however just to recap... you have a "true image home 2013 tib" image on the USB Drive that you want to restore to a newly created empty VM, right? Then boot the VM from the necessary boot media that can restore the image while at the same time can see the USB Drive if attached to the VM or as a Windows Shared Resource. I use Symantec Norton Ghost on Physical Machines and when I boot a VM with an ISO Image containing Ghost (and other utilities) I can restore the image whether it's on Optical Media, External FireWire/USB and or a Network Share. I do not know if True Image can do the same, although I'd assume it can too.

True Image 2013 by Acronis is a complete, easy-to-use PC backup and recovery solution. It protects your files, documents, photos, and other precious data. It performs full-image backups and restores your entire system to the exact way it was before a crash. It syncs files across computers and devices, comes with free mobile apps for on-the-go access to your files, connects to our online backup service, and much more. Try True Image 2013 today:- Disk Imaging: Restore not just your files, but the exact configuration of your computer including your operating system, settings, and applications- Breakthrough sync: The files you choose are synced across multiple computers or pushed to all your devices and online storage- Free mobile apps: Your files are available from all your favorite devices, from smartphones to tablets and PCs.- Nonstop backup: Ongoing changes are recorded as you work, so you can revisit any file, folder or your entire system as it was at any point in time- Incremental backups: Changes are captured since the last backup. That saves time and disk space- Try&Decide: You decide if you want to keep the changes made to your system by potentially dangerous software or websites- Secure Zone: Store a disk backup on your system drive. Recover wherever you are, even if your operating system has failed- Set and Forget: You choose when and how frequently to do backups ? backup even when you?re not using your computer- Background operation: Don?t stop. True Image 2013 works in the background and doesn?t affect other processes running on your PC.- Network backup: Backup multiple network PCs to a secure storage site- View before restore: Get a clear preview of what your system looked like during each backup and choose what to restore- Media versatility: Use any storage devices -DVDs, USB keys, external hard drives, GPT drives, and even cloud storage- Privacy: True Image 2013 is armed with robust government-grade AES-256 encryption.

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