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Emma: A Victorian Romance

Emma is a Japanese historical romance manga by Kaoru Mori. It tells the story of Emma, a maid who works for the retired governess, Kelly Stownar. One day, one of Kelly's former students comes by to pay a surprise visit; William Jones, the eldest son of a wealthy merchant. When he sees Emma, he becomes smitten with the reserved maid and Emma soon falls for the awkward gentleman. However, their class difference prevents them from pursuing a relationship...

Emma: A Victorian Romance

Despite the drama and romance being present, Emma: A Victorian Romance leans more toward the slice-of-life approach, in contrast to the overemotional aspects fans seem to prefer. Due to slice-of-life anime commonly not having much of an intensive storyline, fans may find this historical romance to be boring or not worth watching, especially if modern day dramas pique their interest more.

On top of that, Kaoru Mori -- the historical romance manga's author and illustrator -- openly admits to being an Anglophile, someone who has an extreme fascination with England and its culture throughout the years. With this, there is no doubt that Mori paid close attention to the details of London's history, from displaying its constraints on each social class to the clothes everyone wears.

This wide range of historical accuracy would allow viewers to immerse themselves further into the series, but it would also draw awareness for those who do not watch anime but still enjoy historical drama and romance programs. They might even be enticed to watch the anime, thus boosting its popularity.

Either way both are highly recomended romance animes showing all sides on the topic of relationships between people. May they be those of love, family or friendship, or even the relationship to oneself.

Both of these romance series go all-out on their late Victorian/ Edwardian era aesthetics, particularly in the realm of clothing. If you don't understand the Costume Porn trope, these shows will explain it to you.

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